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There are many options available for you to buy the exact new bike you want online from across the globe. It’s pretty easy. You purchase your bike online and confirm your address, your keen on having it delivered to your home.

The unboxing, reading the instructions and following the provided manual sounds easy right ?

At Brads Bikes we will gladly help with unpacking and assemble your bike properly. Have the box delivered to your home or have your bike directly sent to our workshop located in Lilyfield. We will help either way.


Bike Assembly Pricing

Pricing can differ from one bike to the next. There are a number of factors and complexities. Straight out of the box vs. indivually collected pieces.

Kids Bikes start at $80 and then a full build can be up to $450

Please contact us in regards to discuss what options there are what we can do for you to help


Starting at $80

Straight out of the box

we will assemble and check things like saddle, handlebars, brakes, pedals, how it rides. Check and tune the gears, tyres and wheels.

Having a bike mechanic help assemble your bike is all part of the service we provide. Even getting rid of the packaging into recycling. Assembling bikes that come right out of the box, we check safety of the frame, tune gears, adjust handlebars and check all bolts to ensure you are riding safely.


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Full Build from collected bits

We have had experience where some customers have purchased and collected a range of bits for assembling which ultimately is a bigger job than one out of the box.