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Maintaining your own bike can be fun, confusing at times to know what or how to do something, youtube is awesome for that. The 5 minute pre-ride check is a guide only, you should always consult a bike mechanic about concerns you may have with your bike, so that it is much safer for everyone.

5 minute pre-ride check

  • 1. Check and squeeze the tyres to make sure they are pumped up and ready to go. Tyres should feel very firm to touch. you can find the recommended pressure on the sidewall of the tyre.
recommended tyre pressure manufacturer. this is different for all tyres
  • Second, position and bike fit will make your ride much more enjoyable. A basic check you can do; is the seat at the correct height? Is your seat post firm and inserted 5cm into the frame? There are indicators on the seat posts indicating the maximum height allowable.
seat post is too high. well past the max indicator
  • Third, lift the handlebars, spin the front wheel, apply the brakes and do a five stage check:
    • the front wheel is properly secure in the fork
    • grab the wheel and push down to make sure it doesn’t pop out of the fork
    • secure and tighten quick release levers
    • wheel rotates freely without rubbing on the brakes
    • gears and brakes operate smoothly and directly.
  • Fourth, in addition to the above, lift the seat, turn the pedals, spin the rear wheel, operate the gears and brakes, and apply the above five stage test again

Don’t do heavy maintenance yourself, let us do that for you. Your bike has parts that have specialised tools to install and take off – without damaging your frame and to make sure its back in the exact same spot and tightness per the manufacturer standards.

If you have any concerns please contact us for some help

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