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What you can do when it comes to weekly, monthly and annual maintenance. Stuff you can do yourself.

Weekly maintenance

  • Clean and lubricate the chain. DON’T apply too much lube as you’ll just attract dust, grime and other things you don’t want on your chain.
  • Check wheel spokes and eyelets for rust or damage.
  • Check tyre pressures.
  • Check to feel any knocking or play in your headset
  • Be sure the brakes are working
  • Try out if the cranks are loose.
  • Test the gear shifts
  • Is your clamp on your seat post tightened to specification?
bicycle service or repair
Thick grease attracts things you don’t want on your chain

Monthly maintenance

  • Check tyres for wear or splits in the rubber.
  • Check wheel bearings, chain, gear cluster or cassette, chain rings (front cogs) and head stem (handlebars). Are these noisy? Have too much play in them? Or just aren’t feeling right.
  • Show your bike some love and give it a clean if you’ve been riding lots.

Annual maintenance

  • Check the frame.
  • Remove handlebar tape to check for rust and weaknesses.
  • When purchasing new tyres, make sure they are the right size.
  • When replacing the chain, ideally you should change the gear cluster as both generally wear out evenly.

If you are hesitant to do any of the above or if you run into any problems you can book here for an annual service. We can help you with any request.