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Bicycle Service Overview

Bicycle service overview about what we offer at Brads Bikes. We believe bicycles and cycling are fun when you have a well maintained bike. Training on your road bike, your commute to the office, riding your electric bike, or riding trails on your MTB is enjoyed by the rider when your bike is working efficient.

Why does your Bicycle Need a Service?

Your precious ride needs some love from time to time, it keeps your investment working efficiently and out of the store searching for a new chain or accessories. Any bike shop and their mechanics will encourage you to keep your bike as clean as possible. Components such as brakes, brake pads, bottom bracket effect quality time in the saddle.

What are some of things you can do at home?

simple things like checking your brake pads, cleaning your chain, bolts, checking your headset each time before you ride are important to have a safe ride. You could even have a look at your frame from time to time to check for any un-noticed damage

Why Get a Mechanic to Service your Bicycle

Road bikes and all other bikes require regular servicing. Newer bikes require specialised tools which can get expensive to purchase. Different brands require different tools. Whether your working on replacement parts for wheels, chain repairs, headset, bolts or replacing your brake pads, finding the right tool or or parts from the store are becoming increasingly difficult.

Bike Servicing

At Brads Bikes we are fully qualified bike mechanic shop, offering bike repairs, safety check, bicycle service and maintenance on all bicycle brands and models of bikes.

Our Services Include Picking up your bike or bikes

Our service offering is a pick up and drop off model, making it super convenient and easy. We come to you to pick up your bikes, bring the bicycles back to our workshop for the chosen services, keeping you updated along the way, then drop your bike back to you.

pick up and delivery service
van picking up customers bikes

What are the type of bicycle services available?

We offer 3 bike service and maintenance options to choose from :

bicycle service options Brads Bikes service options

Types of Bikes We Service

bicycle varieties we service
different bikes we service

Bike Service Options

Service options and prices range from individual component bike repairs, packaged bicycle servicing options, general service, brakes, bike tuning, bike builds, hubs, true and tension wheel or wheels, electric bike servicing, safety check, and more. Check our extra services page more

true and tension wheels
true and tension wheels

Bike Repairs

We are set up to do a wide range of individual component bike repairs. The most common in our workshop are repairs or service on bottom bracket, chain rings, tyre/tube replacements, brake bleeds and brake pads, checking bolts, headset, chain replacement, bearings, cables, hubs, true and tension wheels, brake pad and disc rotors replacement. Talk to us about your repair need on your bike.

New Bike Build

Its pretty rare even that a complete brand new bike out of the box doesn’t need some adjustments. No, you don’t need and full service on it, Even if its just a safety check and tuning. The brakes, gears, frame and all components need to be checked on the bike.

BH bicycle box, bike shipped for assembly
we also help put together your bicycle. assembly service

Same Day Servicing

If a booking spot is not available online when you, make sure to call or text me on whatsapp to check services & repair times, as we can be flexible. It is always good to talk to us as we can also provide some safety information, and go through what you can expect from a general servicing point of view.

Our fully qualified bike mechanic provides high quality work, and therefore a same day service is not always available, as we take the time required to ensure the service to our standards. you can find our bookings below.

you can book here

How much does it cost to service bicycle?

We have different prices bike servicing options to suit any budget, general service through to complete bike strip and re-builds. Please visit Bike Service page for pricing options. If the price options are not listed for your specific service need, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call.

broken caliper hydraulic brake
broken caliper hydraulic brake
cassette gear cluster
cassette gear cluster

Your Local Bike Shop

Our workshop is located in the Inner West, Sydney. Our bike workshop is fitted with the best possible bicycle specific tools to achieve the best possible result for our customers.

bicycle service workshop
bicycle service workshop

What do you get in a complete bike service ?

If you ride often enough the smallest noises and creaks can become annoying. Sometimes your bike needs a complete service. We offer a bike service which looks at everything from bottom bracket creaks, replacement bolts, wheels, wheel bearings, gears, headset, cables, hubs, seat, frame – generally all components come off the bike and are serviced.

bicycle workshop
brads bikes bicycle workshop
booking made easy bicycle service booking quick and easy