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Are older bikes worth repairing?

Common bicycle repair questions I get asked often are old bikes are worth repairing for a number of reasons. It is cost effective, sustainable, and rewarding. We have helped many of our customers that have dusted off their old trusty bikes that haven’t seen daylight for a number of years with great results.

As bike mechanics we see many different wear issues with the older bikes such as levers, wheels/rims, tyres, spokes, brake pads, and rusty chain just to name a few. We try to repair and salvage what we can paying respect to the bike and the original design features.

Bottom Bracket grease bike repair
Bicycle repair

What are the most common type of bike repairs?

There are a number of varying combinations that we come across in our workshop such as:

  • Flat tyres & having a tube replaced
  • Stretched or rusted chains
  • Damaged rear derailleur, cracked hangers, tuning gears, adjusting limit screws for better gear shifting
  • Noisy bottom brackets from worn bearings or incorrect torque settings
  • Brakes, brake pads, spongy brake levers, replacement of inner brake cables
  • Complete degrease and clean of bike components
Chainrings that are worn
chain rings

What does a typical bike repair cost ?

Proper bike maintenance can vary. We work at a flat rate for a bicycle service which you can find options here. Any bike repairs which require parts that cannot be saved have to be replaced with new parts that we need to source are an additional cost to the service.

Typically the total cost has ranged from $180-$340, depending of the type and number of parts that are required. We recommend to get the best result is the $180 Bike Service option. This bicycle servicing option gets a detailed service, with components removed for inspection and cleaning.

We always contact you before doing extra work and ordering parts to make sure you happy to proceed.

What things should I check before a ride?

There are basic checks you can do before a ride for good bike maintenance that don’t require special tools. If you want to know more or go through this with us please contact us for basis overview.

  • Does the bike have sufficient brake pads? A visual inspection is a start.
  • Tyres:
  • Do need a new tube – get yourself some tyre levers
  • Is the tyre inflated enough? Check the maximum psi which is found on the side of tyre.
  • Does the tyre have enough tyre tread?
  • Is the headset tight or can you feel any knocking?
  • Check the bike wheel is secure.
  • Check the gears. Do they shift smoothly?
  • When was the last time you put some lube/grease on your chain? Ideally at least once a month.
  • Are you pedals on tight?
  • Is your saddle on tight?

Can I fix my bike myself ?

Sure you can give it a go, if you know your way around bikes, and have confidence that the job will be completed safely. DYI bike maintenance and bicycle repair can be costly as your may need to buy expensive tools and the need to know the right bike parts to source.

Having the right tools, part knowledge, experience and know how is important to good bike safety and maintenance. If you are not sure check with your local bike mechanics and book in a service, there is plenty of bike upside for you to keep you safe.

serviced bicycle
Giant Bike Service completed
bicycle service complete

How often should I get my bike serviced for proper bike maintenance?

If you are riding your bike regularly, have a common bicycle repair question please don’t hesitate to ask. We recommend to get your bike serviced at least once year. Good bike maintenance keeps you riding longer and more safely. It means that your bike will last longer and minimise issues so you don’t have to get yourself a new bike.

Key things that you want to maintain are: wheels, tyres, tubes, brakes, gears, cranks, bottom bracket, seat posts, & cables. Riding your bike should be fun without the worry of something not working as it should when you are out on the road or dirt.

If you have any questions of whether your bike needs a service, contact us, whether it is for a old bike in need of a bit of love, a new bike build, an electric bike, fixie, kids bike, mountain bike, or a family bike service before a holiday.

Fixie Bicycle
bicycle fixie
mountain bike out on the trail
mountain bike
Rear BMX Wheel Custom
rear wheel
Bike Wheel Hub Ball Bearings
Truing Wheel for MTB

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