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Why start Brads Bikes?

I always had a burning passion to get involved with cycling. The colour, culture and the personalities that shape the industry are legendary. Large numbers of people have flocked to discover or re-discover that cycling is fun. It also is beneficial for our general wellbeing. The immediate problem is that you have to make sure that it is done safely.

That’s why I wanted to get involved. Helping people stay on the road or dirt longer without the frustration of your bike breaking down is a small problem. Larger breakdowns due to lack of maintenance not only cost more $$ but it prevents you from not riding.

Regular maintenance helps prevent frustration of those large costs, keeps you out and about longer reducing the embarrassing phone call for a pickup/rescue.

So why start Brads Bikes ? It would make me happy to share in your bicycle journey along with mine. I would love to help you achieve the maximum enjoyment out of your bike also.